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RERC designs solar and wind farm electrical systems comprised of the collection system and substation. It also designs entire solar farms from the racking system to the substation. This group is uniquely positioned to leverage the knowledge of its sister companies to produce cost effective designs, by utilizing in house products such as combiner boxes, harnesses etc. RERC also assists its sister companies to design projects with better constructability from a practical standpoint. RERC employs highly skilled and qualified engineers as well as industry recognized software.

Meet the Team

RERC has succeeded in attracting the most talented renewable energy engineers who draw from an expansive background of diverse disciplines while sharing in common the unique fundamental training, licensure, and standards that establish a great engineering team's essential foundation.

RERC's president, Mr. Robert Singh, P.E., has over twenty-five years' experience in engineering, design, and construction, including solar and wind construction across the United States. Mr. Singh holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. Previously, Mr. Singh was Director of Distribution Systems at Progress Energy, Florida, and Principal Engineer at Keyspan, Long Island. Mr. Singh is a licensed professional engineer in several states and is a National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying ("NCEES") record holder for licensing reciprocity in the continental United States.

Serving as RERC's engineering manager, Mr. William Bates, P.E., has thirty-nine years' experience in the electrical power industry. Mr. Bates' rich portfolio of professional activities in both industrial and utility electrical engineering applications render his services particularly indispensible in coordinating detailed analyses and developing innovative applications to maximize clients' return on investments and meet their strategic objectives. Mr. Bates' services are informed by his hands-on experience in engineering operations, project management, plant operations, turn-key contracting, and strategic engineering planning. His expertise further includes electrical generation and distribution for medium-voltage-class systems, protective relaying systems, and high-voltage utility interconnects, as well as plant utilities, such as plant-wide controls, steam, HVAC, water systems, compressed air, and energy conservation.

Mr. Dev A. Raghoo, P.E. is RERC's solar engineering manager. Mr. Raghoo earned his master's degree in electrical engineering from the City College of New York, and during the years that followed, he developed an unrivaled expertise in applying the solar industry's resources to electrical engineering principles. Before joining RERC, Mr. Raghoo was the engineering manager at WTEC, where he managed product designs and UL listings and supervised a team of engineering, procurement, and estimation staff to support WTEC's activities relating to towers, turbines, collection systems, and construction. It was during his time at WTEC that Mr. Raghoo perfected his natural ability to explain proposals, reports, and findings to clients, drawing on skills that he exercised previously as Science Department Head at The Cambridge School. Among Mr. Raghoo's many competencies within RERC is the design of commercial and utility-scale wind and solar collection systems; PvSyst modeling; CYMCAP cable sizing; and ETAP electrical system studies for load flow, short circuit, arc flash, grounding, transient stability, and protective device coordination. Mr. Raghoo is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Florida.

Serving as RERC's head structural engineer, Mr. Tim Kenneally, P.E., S.E., brings over twenty years of experience in structural and civil engineering to RERC's engineering capabilities, including designing various foundations and skids. Mr. Kenneally holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Chicago State University, has received several awards for architectural and engineering excellence, and is published in various architectural magazines. Mr. Kenneally is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Florida and is a national and international P.E. and S.E. NCEES record holder, retaining his structural licenses in California and Nevada and his civil licenses in California, Nevada, and Louisiana.

Mr. Victor Mikheev commands a significant role in RERC's international engineering activities, drawing on his participation in designing both wind and solar projects and ensuring these projects' compliance with state and local requirements. Mr. Mikheev's years of experience follow having earned a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering with a minor in history from Boston University. During his time at Boston University, he interned at Sikorsky Aircraft, performing vibrations testing and adjustments on S-70 helicopters.

Mr. Jeff Parimuha holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Penn State University and complements his years of engineering service with over seven years of hands-on industrial and commercial knowledge and experience as a licensed electrician, rendering his services to RERC ideal both in the office and in the field. Mr. Parimuha played a significant role in designing various aspects of the Webberville and Delsea Road projects, including e-houses, transformer modifications for wind applications, and solar power collection devices, such as combiner boxes. He has also designed and implemented facility power-grid improvements and supported various divisions within the company. Mr. Parimuha's previous experience included flight simulator control and industrial chiller power-control.

Mr. Keven Vaughn holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Florida. Mr. Vaughn optimizes RERC's solar and wind designs, working closely with the estimation and construction departments to ensure the designs' competitiveness and accuracy. In this capacity, Mr. Vaughn oversaw the Ocotillo Wind Farm's construction to ensure conformity to the project's design. During his undergraduate development, Mr. Vaughn trained at Lee County Electric Cooperative as a power-engineer intern, developing the Cooperative's Emergency Preparedness Plan's power-restoration switching arrangement and remodeling the Cooperative's distribution network.

Mr. Paul Guzowski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the Rutgers University in New Jersey. Paul's expertise in RERC is to run PVsyst analyses in order to optimize output for the PV plant and assists in designing solar projects while collaborating with the estimation and construction departments to ensure the design competitiveness and accuracy. Mr. Guzowski retains field experience in Quality Control and has served as a superintendent during the construction of a 50 MW Solar Plant.

Ms. Nadine Raheb, PMP holds a degree in Electronic's Engineering from Princess Sumaya University for Technology from Amman, Jordan. Ms. Raheb is an Electrical Engineer as a well as a Certified Project Management Proessional that holds a significant role in RERC's engineering activity. Ms. Raheb brings to RERC with experience in electricall installations desgin fro construction and has participated in the design of many international project. She also maintained experience serving as a contractor for the United States Army providing technical suppport to ASG Kuwait. Ms. Raheb acquired her Project Management academic Education at University of South Florida, she also received her LIF certificate from LIF(Lighting INdustry Federation) London UK

Serving as RERC's senior computer-aided design and drafting ("CADD") professional, Mr. Roger Wiegman draws from thirty years of experience in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire-protection fields. Roger holds an associate's degree in architectural and civil engineering from Pinellas Vocational Technical Institute. The first seventeen years of his career unfolded in an engineering firm in Clearwater, Florida, where he participated in designing various largescale projects, such as schools and hospitals. During the next twelve years, Mr. Wiegman served as a CADD manager for a design–build electrical contracting firm. Mr. Wiegman employs Autocad, Civil 3D, Visual, and PvSyst software programs in assisting the team in designing solar and wind farms, as well as generating bills of materials for the estimation department.

Mr. Josh Tamargo has been a part of the RERC team since 2011 as a computer-aided design and drafting ("CADD") Technician. As part of the RERC Team Josh has assisted on the design of a 265 MW wind farm, corroborated with the engineers in producing detailed production drawings, and has suppoorted the engineers in the design phase of solar and wind farms with North America as well as Internationally.

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