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We recognize that Solar power is the energy of the future – safe, clean and 100% environmentally compatible. Harnessing the sun's power is accomplished by means of a photovoltaic system. PV systems incorporate the use of PV modules, (commonly called "solar panels"), to generate energy from sunlight and inverters which convert that power and safely deliver it to the utility grid for our use.

A single PV module by itself does not produce a great amount of electricity, so individual modules are wired with specially designed RERC cables in series or with a series-parallel combination to produce a string.

After the voltage rating of the string is determined, voltage drop, short circuit and power
loss calculations are performed to determine RERC cable sizes and ampacity rating of the sub-combiner boxes. Several RERC strings are then combined in parallel in predetermined power segments (for example, 250 kW). This is accomplished by utilizing combiner boxes with the appropriate ampacity rating.

RERC is equipped with several engineering software programs such as CYMCAP, ETAP, XMAP, etc. that enable the modeling of solar projects from the solar modules to the point of interconnect.

The number of feeder circuits terminated at the substation is determined not only by the size of the solar project, but also by the soil characteristics, ambient temperature, location of the substation, etc. These programs simulate field conditions and enhance accurate derating and sizing of all essential components which are required to minimize losses and increase power output.
CAD and single line drawings are furnished at each stage of the project for reviews and approvals.

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